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Do you often find that you work hard to communicate with your partner using all the relationships advice you've learned and afterwards you feel worse?

Welcome to my website – and my relationship books – where you will find refreshingly different advice that bypasses the need for better communication! My spiritually-based relationships advice is different because it explains

Most couples think, "We'd be happy if we could just solve our relationship problem," and they have the illusion that by discussing the problem, they will solve it. Rarely is this true! What is true instead, is that if you focus on feeling happy together (by using my 8 spiritually-based Loving Actions), you will develop a broader consciousness, and your problem will disappear. You will "outgrow" your relationship problem, and you can stop forever trying to "fix" it!

The best news about my relationships advice (available both here on my website and in my relationship books) is that you can create a major, positive shift in your relationship working individually, without even consulting your partner! Your Loving Action may even have a surprise quality to it, as if you are a kind of elf or angel offering a secret loving gift. My Actions are easy to learn and implement. And, at the same time you are "outgrowing" your relationship problem, you are automatically becoming a more spiritual person. Each Loving Action is a possible answer to this question, "If I were going to behave in accord with my highest spiritual values right now, what would I do?"

Why Talking So Often Fails

My relationship books have been popular precisely because they shatter the deeply entrenched relationships advice that (you've heard this so often before), "Communication is the most important relationship skill." Good communication is a great thing! However, it is NOT the best way to solve a relationship problem because

An Example Of Spiritual Partnership At Work

Here's a quick example from one of my relationship books that shows how my Loving Actions can solve a relationship problem.

Bill and Karen had exhausted their efforts to solve her frustration about his controlling attitude around money. They had talked, communicated, dialogued, made "I" statements, and repeated back what they heard each other say—for years. They both felt defeated and hopeless. Then Karen began to use a completely new kind of tactic by becoming what I call a "Spiritual Partner." She gave up the idea that she could somehow solve this relationship problem (Loving Action # 2), and focused instead on creating a harmonious atmosphere in their home. She began to Practice Restraint (Loving Action #4) by not talking about money or Bill's controlling attitude at all. She showed a Spirit of Goodwill (Loving Action #1) by saving money in several quite visible ways and sharing this with Bill. She Acted on her Own (Loving Action # 6) by finding imaginative ways to meet her own needs without upsetting Bill. Karen single-handedly "disappeared" this old relationship problem! Bill was still controlling about money, but the issue was not a "problem" for the family any more. And Karen, far from feeling she had "given in" or "had to do all the work," felt an enormous amount of personal power and a sense of accomplishment and relief. She didn't "solve" the problem. Instead, by developing a larger consciousness and applying spiritual principles, she helped her family "outgrow" it. The family became a happy, harmonious place to live—which, after all, was their primary goal!

Relationship Books

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