"Clearly cutting edge!"
Harville Hendrix

"Susan Page's ideas are hard not to do, once you have been introduced to them.
Anthony Robbins

"Susan Page is like the Buddha channeled by Ann Landers!"
Fred Small

Coaching by phone can turn your world around!

Whether you are struggling with an enormous dilemma in your relationship or would simply like a professional point of view on a small problem, one conversation with Susan Page or a professional coach on her staff could turn your whole world around.

Think of your coach as a personal trainer for your relationship life. A regular, structured relationship with a professional coach will move you quickly beyond your stuck places, offer you the general support of a loving and dedicated friend, and keep you focused on your relationship goals. Coaching will shorten your learning curve and move you more quickly to the relationship you dream of having. If you ask for 100% of what you want 100% of the time, you are much more likely to get it. Coaching will help you do just that!

Coaching for singles and couples

Coaching and consultation is available for both singles and couples.

Get the benefit of experience

Susan Page and her colleagues all have at least fifteen years of experience working with couples and singles, and are trained and seasoned in working with the principles described in Susan's books.

For more information or to sign up for Coaching by Phone or Skype,

Write to our Coaching Coordinator, Lindsay Chrisler, to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION! Don't wait. This coaching can change you life, as it has for many others!

Lindsay Chrisler lchrisler@gmail.com