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"Clearly cutting edge!"
Harville Hendrix

"Susan Page's ideas are hard not to do, once you have been introduced to them.
Anthony Robbins

"Susan Page is like the Buddha channeled by Ann Landers!"
Fred Small

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Leadership Training Manual
for Spiritual Partnership Couples Groups

Susan Page has pioneered innovative "couples groups," in which only one member of the couple is invited to attend the group! They are different because they do not focus at all on communication skills but instead teach unilateral Loving Actions that can have instant results. The Eight Loving Actions are a brand new tool for couples that — amazingly — do not require the cooperation of both partners.

These groups are powerful and effective. Facilitating them is rewarding because they create fast and often astonishing results for participants.

Susan calls her groups "Spiritual Partnership Support Groups," (because the Loving Actions are based on universal spiritual principles), but you may call your groups anything you feel is appropriate. The groups teach couples exactly how to use the Eight Loving Actions Susan presents in her book, Why Talking is Not Enough.

The Training Manual is appropriate for you, whether you are a therapist, counselor, marriage educator, or an individual who wants support from others who are also experimenting with the Eight Loving Actions.

The Manual will show you all you need to know, in great detail:


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What Others Say About Susan Page's Workshops

Workshop Participants

This workshop alone has made a more positive impact on my marriage than any of the probably 60 different self-help books I have read. Most advice for relationships doesn't work. This does! (Kimberly S. -- New York)

I could not believe I would learn anything new from one more workshop, but the whole idea of Spiritual Partnership truly did change my consciousness. It has affected every relationship in my life, including the one with my boss. (Phillip T. – Atlanta)

I wasted nearly my whole marriage trying to be the "right" one, not seeing I was throwing gasoline on an open flame. The single skill of acknowledging and making a "peace-promoting" remark has virtually ended our roaring fights. The results for me were almost instantaneous. (Donna D. – Silver Spring, Maryland)

I was on the brink of divorce and feel so lucky that I was coerced by a friend into attending your workshop. I took the risk of doing an "experiment," and I was stunned by the result. Overnight we turned into the couple we used to be. (Chris D. – Western New York)

I know deep thinking and lucidity when I see it. Your approach is brilliant for its simplicity and clarity in a domain in which many people, including therapists and relationship experts, are very confused. The spark underlying your approach is spiritual. This differentiates it profoundly from the materialism hidden in so much popular and scholarly psychology today. (Richard F. – San Francisco)

Relationship Experts

John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are From Venus:
Susan Page turns old assumptions on their heads and offers new ideas that will make a difference in your life.

Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People:
This remarkable work gives a brightness of hope and enormously practical ideas on how only one person can profoundly improve the relationship.

Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, author of Conscious Loving:
The #1 question we are asked at lectures is, "What do I do if my partner is not willing to do the work?" Susan Page answers this question with wisdom, style, and clarity.

Richard Carlson, author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff:
Susan Page's work explains how an inner shift, rather than changing your partner, is the ultimate secret to a loving relationship.